IET has supported initiatives in the development and production of hybrid Electric Vehicles (EVs), offering solutions in advanced manufacturing processes and lighter, more sustainable materials.

Automotive & Transportation

Over a half century ago, IET began as merely a prototype metal stamping house serving the automotive OEMs. While prototype and low-volume cold stampings are still a core competency today, IET has expanded its breadth of capabilities to offer Automotive customers a whole host of unique solutions. We have built a solid reputation of quality and on-time delivery when our customers need it most!

IET's diversified competencies allow us to compete on a broad array of automotive products including, but not limited to:


Door Panels

Wire Harnesses

Oil Pans

Decorative Inlays


Brush Guards






Scuff Plates


Fan Shrouds




In Mold

IET has expanded its industry breadth by supplying manufacturers in NASCAR. Our capabilities and components are a natural fit for these sectors, and as a result, we have brought new ideas to mature applications.