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Agile Tooling Method (ATM)

Hard Tooling vs. Soft Tooling:

Hard tooling is traditionally used on long-run stamping jobs requiring large quantities of production parts. The major benefit is hard dies are able to sustain more ‘hits’ from a mechanical press with a shorter amount of time between hits. For production vehicles manufactured for the OEMs, this is the most effective method to use. The major problems with hard tooling are the exorbitant up-front costs, the extensive amount of time required to manufacture the dies, and the costs/time required for setups.

Soft tooling, however, requires less up-front costs and can be produced about 3 times faster than hard tooling. The other major benefit is how the dies may be adjusted on the fly as inevitable revisions and changes are made to part designs.

Please review the following scenarios below for further illustration on the advantage of utilizing soft tooling:

Scenario 1

Scenario 2